I’m continuing my mid-year “The Best…” lists ….

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Here are my choices for The Best Science Sites Of 2012 — Part Two (not in any order of preference):

100,000 Stars is a new interactive from Google that is an amazing visualization of the universe. It can only be viewed in Chrome. I liked “taking a tour,” which you can click on in the upper left hand corner.

Here’s a pretty interesting video put together with images taken from the International Space Station:

I’m adding it to The Best Images Taken In Space.

The Best Resources For Learning About Felix Baumgartner’s Jump From The Edge Of Space

Science Friday, the popular NPR program, has an amazing amount of resources for teachers, and everybody else, online.

Interactive: how much water is used in the production of different foods? is a useful….interactive from The Guardian. It’s design is somewhat unique.

Google Maps can now take you on underwater tours! It sounds like it’s not quite yet ready for prime-time, but you can read all about its expansion to well-known areas beneath the sea.

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I published a four-part Education Week series on teaching science.

The New York Times has published an interactive that allows you to see how rising waters might effect major cities throughout the United States.

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