Here are the newest additions to The Best Resources On Talking With Children About Tragedies:

Handling Tragedy: How to Talk to Kids About Sandy Hook is from Edutopia.

Newtown shootings: How do you explain murder to a child? is from The BBC.

I’m adding these resources to A Collection Of Resources On The Sandy Hook Shooting:

For Teachers, Newtown Shootings Prompt Reflection, Outreach is a very good Education Week article, and I’m not just saying that because it quotes me a few times…You have to register — for free — to read the entire article.

How to Help in Newtown, Conn. is from The New York Times.

School Security: Why It’s So Hard to Keep Kids Safe is from TIME.

After Newtown, Can We Make Our Schools Safe? is from The Daily Beast.

Despite tragedy, statistics show schools still a safe haven is from the Center For Public Education.

First we mourn, then we organize is from Bob Peterson.

What Gun Control Could Look Like is from NPR.

Our Sons Are Not Future Killers
is from The New York Times.

Getting it right: Asperger’s, Autism and the Newtown shooting is from MIT.

The social roots of school shootings is from The Washington Post.

Amid Calls For Gun Control, Some Push For Weapons At School
is from NPR.