A study has just been studied finding that 94 percent of high school students accessed social media on their phones during class. It only covers Israeli students, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar percentage works for other countries, including the United States, too.

I was also struck by this finding:

It was also found that in classes with more permissive teachers, cell phone use was lower than in classes where the teacher imposed strict discipline.

I’m not a big fan of using cellphones in class for instruction, as I’ve previously discussed here ; here and here.

I am, however, clearly one of those “permissive” teachers. It’s sometimes an issue in my classes, though, in the scheme of other challenges, it’s not one of the major ones.

And I think it’s not a major issue because of our school’s ban on cellphone use, my “permissiveness,” and the fact that our classes are generally engaging…

I’d love to hear other thoughts on this study and cellphone use in your classes.