I’m not a big fan of student cellphone use in class (though, a year after originally writing this post, my thinking is evolving and I’m cautiously incorporating their use), and my posts about them have reflected that perspective.  These days, I think they’re more of an asset than a problem, especially in a school like ours that has challenges to technology access.  Yes, students can sometimes use them inappropriately during class.  But, when I think of all the other challenges facing our urban school, there are about a zillion other ones I think are bigger ones than student cellphones.

However, I like to think I have a relatively open mind about many things. So, though I’m starting off this list with my negative posts about them, I hope readers will contribute other posts that may or may not agree with mine. If you’re going to suggest ones on the “pro”-side, though, I request that they be ones that portray a realistic view. In other words, I’ve seen some pretty idyllic posts about how students have used them with exceptional results, but have not included any indications of challenges they’ve experienced, as well.

Here is a beginning list of The Best Posts On Student Cellphone Use In Class:

Study: ” 94 percent of high school students accessed social media on their phones during class”

Why I Support The Cellphone Ban At Our School

iPods In Schools

Cellphones In Class

Research Studies Of The Week

More Info On Student Cellphone Use In Class Research

Here’s a thoughtful post from Larry Cuban’s blog.

Managing Student Cellphone Use In Class

6 Reasons to Put Your Phone Away is a great infographic.

Statistic Of The Day: Student Cellphone Use

Do Smartphones Have a Place in the Classroom? is from The Atlantic and is by Paul Barnwell.

Fomo, stress and sleeplessness: are smartphones bad for students? is from The Guardian.

Here Are Two Activities I’ll Be Doing With My ELL Students Day We Come Back From Break

New Study On Cellphones Helpful To Teachers Everywhere

France grapples with whether to ban cellphones in schools is from NBC News. The article covers a lot of ground.

Laptops And Phones In The Classroom: Yea, Nay Or A Third Way? is from NPR.

Best Article Ever To Have Students Read About Cellphones!

New Study Finds That Using Cellphones During Lectures Hurt Exam Scores, But That’s Not The Most Important Result

France Bans Smartphones in Schools Through 9th Grade. Will It Help Students? is from The NY Times.

France Moves To Ban Smartphones In Schools is from NPR.

Hide Your Phone When You’re Trying to Work. Seriously. is from The NY Times.

383 disruptions and learning wasn’t one is from EdNC.

Problematic smartphone use linked to poorer grades, alcohol misuse, more sexual partners is from Science Daily.


Hack Your Space is by Angela Duckworth, and shares some useful research and ideas to share with students about cellphone use – once we get back into the physical classroom.

The Case for Making Classrooms Phone-Free appeared in Ed Surge. It raises important points, though I think it offers an unrealistic solution.

Feedback is always welcome.

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