Last week, I wrote about a new study suggesting that 94% of students use their cellphones in class for personal purposes (see The Best Posts On Student Cellphone Use In Class).

Reading, Writing and… Facebook? is a new article on the same study from Psych Central, and gives more details on the research. Here’s an excerpt:

About 94 percent of the pupils admitted to accessing social media or file-sharing sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, during class, from time to time or even more frequently.

Some 95 percent take pictures or make recordings during class for non-study purposes; 94 percent send e-mails and text messages; 93 percent listen to music during class; and 91 percent actually talk on their phones during class.

The researchers also sought to determine the frequency of the students’ cell phone use during class (from “never” to “very often”). The data indicates that on average, every pupil uses a cell phone in 60 percent of his or her classes, the researchers said.