President Obama’s second inauguration is set for January 20th.

I’ve got quite an extensive list from his first inauguration. I’m going to copy and paste resources that are still relevant here and, of course, add to them as new materials become available.

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Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About President Obama’s Second Inauguration:

Here’s the central site for the 2013 inauguration.

Here’s an imagined inaugural address by President Obama, courtesy of the NY Times.

National Geographic has a good article and slideshow about the history inaugurations.

EL Civics has a good lesson for English Language Learners on Presidential Inaugurations.

Inaugurals Of The Past is the title of a slideshow from the McClatchy Newspapers.

I Do Solemnly Swear… is an interactive from The Wall Street Journal that highlights biblical passages each president used in their inauguration, along with showing images.

The Wall Street Journal has a  slideshow on Inaugural Oddities.

Inaugural Words from The New York Times, I believe, is one of the more useful resources that were been created for the first  Inauguration.  “Word clouds” highlighting the most-used words in each inaugural address can be seen. In addition, words that were used in each address much more than in the other ones given in history are identified. Plus, by clicking on each word you are shown how it was used in a sentence. Comparing the words and even just using them as a vocabulary-building exercise for English Language Learners make this an excellent resource.

Inaugural Firsts is a slideshow from National Public Radio.

The Wall Street Journal has a multimedia feature highlighting inaugurations since 1960, including providing both the audio and text of the speeches, along with “word clouds.”

The Wilmington News Journal has a nice interactive showing videos of past inaugurations.

Their First Words is a visualization, and a searchable database, of all presidential inauguration speeches.  The ability for students to search for specific words makes it a good vocabulary-building exercise for English Language Learners.

Obama’s Inauguration Tick-Tock and NewsHour Viewing Guide is from the PBS News Hour.

Latest Inauguration News is from The Washington Post.

Inauguration 2013 is from Gannett.

The Latest on Inauguration 2013 is from BET.

Inauguration Day
is from National Geographic.

Here’s an interactive on the inauguration from The Associated Press.

Having a ball: Parties for POTUS, now and then is from The Washington Post.

Inauguration 2013: The rehearsal is a photo gallery from CBS News.

Interactive: The inaugural limousine

Inauguration 2013 is from McClatchy News Service.

Interactive: List of presidential inauguration firsts is from ABC News.

Getting Ready for the Inauguration is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

visiting (or exploring online) for the presidential inauguration is from The National Museum of American History.

Both The New York Times and The Washington Post have unveiled “Build Your Own Inaugural Address” interactives.

Once you’re done, you’re given a unique url address to your creation for sharing.

Historical Photos Of Inaugurations Past is a neat slideshow from Talking Points Memo.

10 inaugural moments that mattered is from CNN.

Here’s another Associated Press interactive on the inauguration.

In Their Words is a unique resource from The Wall Street Journal about the inauguration. It lets you choose any two presidents, then pick certain words, and ultimately shows you a comparison between the two about how many times each mentioned that word.

Inauguration Day in History is a photo gallery from The Wall St Journal.

Inauguration Day 2013 is another WSJ slideshow.

Annotating the Second Inaugural Addresses is from The NY Times.

From drunken speeches to dead canaries, a guide to our quirky inaugural history is from MSNBC.

US presidential inauguration speeches: how does Obama’s second compare? is a word cloud like you’ve never seen before — from The Guardian.

The oaths: From Washington to Obama is from The Washington Post.

Here’s the President’s Inauguration Speech:

1 Million People Attended Inauguration
is from The Atlantic.

Both The New York Times and The Washington Post have annotated videos of President Obama’s inaugural address.

President Obama’s Second Inauguration is a complete photo gallery from The New York Times.

Please feel free to suggest additional sites.

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