After 31 editions of ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival, it was time for it to be refreshed. So I’ve worked with other bloggers to “re-brand” it as The ELT Blog Carnival and it now has its own permanent site!

You can see links to all previous Carnivals there, along with plans for future ones.

Here’s the announcement for the next Carnival:

The next ELT Blog Carnival will be hosted by EFL Classroom 2.0 on March 01.

You can send your entry HERE or directly to

The Theme for this month’s carnival is

Using Your Students’ Lives: Personalizing Your Teaching.

The site also has this announcement about future hosts:

Want to host a blog carnival on your blog? Please contact us! We hope to have blog carnivals each month and hosting on your own blog will help share so many valuable blog posts written each month by teachers all over the world.

Check it out!