An organization called The Emerson Collective has partnered with infamous director Davis Guggenheim (see The Best Posts & Articles About The Teacher-Bashing “Waiting For Superman” Movie & Associated Events) to form The Dream Is Now.

The Dream Is Now site lets undocumented immigrants tell their story in video (without giving easily identifiable names and locations) in an attempt to build support for immigration reform and The Dream Act. It appears that Guggenheim is helping them use the videos to develop a documentary.

Speaking of immigration reform, here are a couple of other new useful resources:

New Federal Guidance Makes Clear That States Should Let the DREAMers Drive is from The ACLU.

The Associated Press has a new interactive with recent poll results on immigration reform, as well as other information.

I’m adding these resources to The Best Resources On The Obama Administration’s Plan To Partially Implement The DREAM Act.