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There has been a fair amount of publicity this month about the decision by teachers in Seattle’s Garfield High School (followed by some other schools in the same district) to refuse to administer a standardized test called MAP — Measures of Academic Progress.

Admittedly, I don’t know every single detail but, based on what I know, the Garfield teachers have made a very wise strategic decision to focus on what might be the standardized test that is most open to attack. Consequently, their effort could “kick-start” a national conversation about the role of all standardized tests and a serious exploration of alternatives like performance based assessments and portfolios (you can see links to my series of “Best” lists on assessment here).

They are not boycotting state-mandated tests, just the district one. It was brought in by the previous superintendent, who served on the board of the organization that markets the MAP test and she was cited by the state for committing an ethics violation by doing so. And, even though that same organization says the test should not be used in teacher evaluation, the Seattle school district does. It can only be taken by computer, which results in school computer labs being booked-up for weeks at a time.

Seems like a perfect target to me.

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