'Map of Europe made from Natural Earth data' photo (c) 2013, breki74 - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

We’re going to start studying Europe in a few weeks in my Geography class, so here’s the latest installment in my Geography-related “Best…” series.

You can see all of them at The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners.

Learn Countries in Europe

Countries in Europe Game

Drag European Countries Game

Many European Geography Games

Talking About Ireland

More On Ireland

Even More On Ireland

Ireland Talking Book

History Of Ireland


Manchester, England

Where To Next?


The view from the top of the Shard: London panorama of sights and sounds – interactive


London At Night

Barnaby Bear Goes To Paris

Talking About Paris

Talking About France

Little Dutch Boy

Talking About Norway

The Little Red Hen — An English Folktale

Chicken Little — An English Folktale

The Turnip — A Russian Folktale

Greek Myths

Tales From Croatia

Myths from England

A Europe Of Tales


Paris From Above is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

National Geographic Europe


50 Facts About Spain

Additional suggestions are welcome!