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My oh my, the tone about immigration reform and the idea of providing a path to citizenship to the undocumented sure seems to have changed recently!

I thought it would be useful for readers, my students and me to start bringing together useful resources.

By the way, be sure to check out my post on citizenship at The New York Times next week — I think people will find it useful.

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Here are my choices for The Best Resources About The New Push For Immigration Reform:

The best resource out there for now is the Associated Press interactive comparing President Obama’s proposals with those from the bipartisan group of eight Senators.

Here’s the closed-captioned video of President Obama’s address :

And here’s the transcript of his speech.

Here’s a NY Times article about his speech.

Here’s a New York Times article about the Senators’ plan, and a Wall Street Journal interactive about it.

And here’s a great NY Times editorial.. Here’s another one.

Obama Spotlights Undocumented Student in Immigration Speech is from Education Week.

Five things economists know about immigration is an interesting piece in the Washington Post.

The first is from a New York Times columnist, David Brooks, who I often criticize when he writes about education but also often praise when he writes on other topics he knows something about. He writes about immigration in his piece headlined “The Easy Problem”. He takes on a lot of the typical arguments against immigration reform and then ends way:

The first big point from all is that given the likely gridlock on tax reform and fiscal reform, immigration reform is our best chance to increase America’s economic dynamism. We should normalize the illegals who are here, create a legal system for low-skill workers and bend the current reform proposals so they look more like the Canadian system, which tailors the immigrant intake to regional labor markets and favors high-skill workers.

The second big conclusion is that if we can’t pass a law year, given the overwhelming strength of the evidence, then we really are a pathetic basket case of a nation.

Another important article from The Washington Post deals with what may be one of the most critical, if not THE most critical, question in the debate — what and when is the process for the undocumented who are here to become citizens? The article reviews typical waiting times (you can get the sense of them by the title — How long is the immigration ‘line’? As long as 24 years ) and ends way:

Immigration advocates worry that the promise of citizenship could end up being “in name only” for some undocumented immigrants. ”Instead of dying in the desert, they might just die waiting to become permanent residents,” concludes Paparelli.

Which G.O.P. House Members Might Support Immigration Reform? is from The New York Times, and is pretty interesting.

Five things economists know about immigration is from The Washington Post.

House Group Works to Present Its Own Immigration Plan is from The New York Times.

House G.O.P. Open to Residency for Illegal Immigrants is from The New York Times.

Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy? is from The New York Times.

USA has published details of the Obama Administration’s immigration reform plan. Check out White House immigration bill offers path to residency.

Newspaper Article About Our Extraordinary Bilingual Aide

What’s the immigration solution? Your Say Interactive is from USA .

A Senate Plan Alters Waiting Periods for Immigration is from The New York Times.

Five reasons why immigration reform is moving forward
is from The Washington Post.

Path to Citizenship for Immigrants Draws Support Across Party Lines, Survey Finds is from The New York Times.

Key provisions expected in immigration legislation proposal is a very useful interactive infographic from The Washington Post.

The Senate immigration bill: Here’s what you need to know is also from The Washington Post.

The Weird Math of the Immigration Bill is from The Atlantic.

Quote Of The Day: Heritage Foundation Makes a $5.3 Trillion Mistake

Preview | Immigration: The pathway to now is a preview to a multi-part video series The Washington Post is publishing on the last thirty years of immigration reform. It will start on May 14th, and is embedded below:

Immigration reform: The five most important issues is from The LA Times.

Boomers need immigrants is also from The LA Times.

Progress on an Immigration Overhaul in 5 Areas is from The New York Times.

What Happens Next With The Immigration Bill is from The Washington Post.

The Washington Post has a very important analysis of immigration and jobs.

Quote Of The Day: David Brooks Hits A Home Run On Immigration Reform

In Report, 63% Back Way to Get Citizenship is from The New York Times.

Illegal Immigrants Are Divided Over Importance of Citizenship is from The New York Times.

What Happened To Immigration Reform is from The Atlantic.

What gives us a right to deport people? Joseph Carens on the ethics of immigration is a really interesting interview at The Washington Post.

Republican Ideas on Immigration Could Legalize Up to 6.5 Million, Study Says is from The New York Times.

This is amazing.

What has happened to the Republicans?

I’m adding this to The Best Resources About The New Push For Immigration Reform.

I wish this next infographic didn’t use the term “illegal immigrant,” but it still has useful info:

Courtesy of: Infographic World

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