Less than one month after USC Rossier Online, associated with the University of Southern California, unveiled a rating system for education blogs that they call The Teach 100, another organization has come up with their own list The 100 most influential education blogs.

This is how they explain the process they used:

At a basic level the index is built using Onalytica’s sophisticated data analysis tools, which are used by companies like Microsoft, Samsung, SAP and HP.

Based on the number of links that each blog receives, we developed three measures: Influence Index, Popularity and Over-Influence.

The Onalytica Influence Index is the impact factor of a blog, or how much that blog matters.

Popularity represents how popular or well-known the blog is among other education blogs.

Over–Influence seeks to capture how influential a blog is compared to how popular it is. There is a strong correlation between how popular or well-known a blog is and its influence. However some blogs carry more influence than their popularity leads us to believe; this is what we call over-influence.

I don’t really understand what that means. However, these kinds of lists are always interesting to see if there are blogs that I’m missing.

For what it’s worth, they found that my blog was the most popular one, but it was not the most influential one.

Here’s a direct link to their PDF of the list so you can see who was…

Thanks to Sean Banville for the tip.