The annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher came out today, and I thought I’d share some info on it, as well as share my posts on previous editions of it.

First off, you can find this year’s edition hot off the press here.

The Educated Reporter gives a useful summary. I summarize what it has to say about parent engagement here.

Here, in my mind, is the most important take away from the report that I’ve seen so far, but I haven’t really gotten a chance to review it carefully:

Principal and teacher job satisfaction is declining. Principals’ satisfaction with their jobs in the public schools has decreased nine percentage points since it was last measured in 2008. In that same period, teacher satisfaction has dropped precipitously by 23 percentage points, including a five-point decrease in the last year, to the lowest level it has been in the survey in 25 years. A majority of teachers report that they feel under great stress at least several days a week, a significant increase from 1985 when this was last measured.

Here are my posts on previous MetLife surveys:

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