I have a chapter in my new book, Self-Driven Learning, that includes lesson plans and strategies to deal with rudeness in class.  It focuses a lot on how just seeing rude behavior being done to another person affects you.

In additions, I’ve posted The Best Ways To Deal With Rudeness In Class.

Here’s an interesting quote from a researcher and author on how rudeness affects people — whether it’s directed at them or they just witness it (it appeared in The Harvard Business Review):

So one of the things that we found in a series of experiments– so consistently found– was that people that experience, or even witness incivility, literally, it shuts their cognitive functioning down, and they don’t process things as well.

So, for example, they’re not able to remember things as well. And they’re far less creative. And so consistently we see that people just don’t process as well immediately after this. And that there are costs as a result.