I just read a New York Times review of Katherine Bouton’s new book on hearing loss, and it got me thinking that my students could benefit from learning about the potential consequences of listening to loud music in their earbuds. So, in addition to that review, here are some other resources I’ll be using to create a short and simple lesson (please suggest others):

Are iPods Behind Rising Teen Hearing Loss? is from TIME.

Noise-induced hearing loss: Maybe our teens really can’t hear us

Teen Hearing Loss Related to MP3 and iPod Listening is from Sutter Health.

Study: 30% increase in teens with hearing loss is from The San Francisco Chronicle.

Teenagers warned iPods can cause hearing loss is from The CBC.

Serious hearing loss for 1 in 5 teens: survey is from ABC News.

Seventy-Two Percent of Teenagers Experienced Reduced Hearing Ability After Attending Concert is from Science Daily.

Noise Levels

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Generation Deaf: Doctors Warn of Dangers of Ear Buds is from NBC News.

Evidence of hearing damage in teens prompts researchers’ warning is from Science Daily.

Another Study On Teens & Hearing Loss

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