With Google Reader closing down on July 1st — and clearly losing some functionality as that day grows near — David Pogue has published a good article recommending that people switch to Feedly.

I agree.

Check the comments for even more alternatives

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And read Facebook May Unveil Google Reader Replacement.

Digg Announces Their Google Reader Replacement

Flow Reader looks like a nice alternative to Google Reader, and you can read more about it at Richard Byrnes’ blog. For a person like me who gets stuck in his ways, it’s particularly nice since it seems to look and function like Google Reader, and it has even easier sharing functions.

Google has just announced they are shutting down Google Reader, many people’s favorite RSS Reader, on July 1st.

This does not make me a happy camper.

There are alternatives, however, that make it very easy to transfer Google Reader subscriptions — generally with a click of a button.

They include:





The Old Reader

You can read about others here.

Educators’ Guide to RSS and Google Reader Replacements is another great post by Sue Waters. It’s probably the best review of alternatives that I’ve seen.

AOL Unveils RSS Reader That Isn’t Half-Bad

What alternative do you suggest?

I just hope that closing down Feedburner — the Google service that actually creates RSS feeds — is not next.

Of course, there is always the option of also subscribing to most blogs by email. You can subscribe to this blog here, for instance.