Obviously, photos can be great educational tools with English Language Learners and with any students (see The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons). I post about many photo galleries, also called slideshows. To do it in a little more organized way, though, I recently began this weekly feature called “Photo Galleries Of The Week.” This post is a “round-up” of online slideshows I’m adding to various “The Best…” lists:

Toy Stories is a fascinating series of photographs of children around the world posing with their favorite toys. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures.

Readers Capture the Complexity of the U.S.-Mexican Border is a photo gallery from The New York Times. I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Learn About Walls That Separate Us.

Apostrophe catastrophes – in pictures is just a fun slideshow from The Guardian.