The New York Times this morning ran a pretty inaccurate headline and article about a new Gallup Poll related to workplace “well-being” (see Beleaguered? Not Teachers, a Poll on ‘Well-Being’ Finds) and tried to use it to question results of a recent Met Life poll that indicated sharply declining teacher satisfaction.

Here are direct quotes from Gallup that tell the real story:

Despite earning top marks in most areas of wellbeing, teachers’ answers to various questions about their workplace produces a 49.9 Work Environment Index score, which is eighth out of 14 occupation groups. The nation’s educators rank sixth in saying their “supervisor treats me more like a partner than a boss.” And they are dead-last –14th — in saying their “supervisor always creates an environment that is trusting and open.”

About seven in 10 teachers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their work environment. Thirty-one percent are engaged. As teacher engagement is the No. 1 predictor and driver of student engagement, these findings have serious implications for students and administrators….