This is the latest post I’m adding to The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners, this time focusing on The Pacific Region. I’ll be adding a lot more to this list over the coming weeks:

Oceania Map Games

Oceania Geography Games

The Best Sites To Learn About Australia

Samoa Conversations

Talking About Australia
More Talking About Australia
Even More Talking About Australia
Growing Up In Australia
Animals in Australia
Cities in Australia
Food in Australia
More Australian Cities
Sydney, Australia
Even More Australian Cities
Queensland, Australia

Barnaby Bear in Australia

Food In New Zealand
Food In New Zealand Quiz
Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington Quiz
Travel In New Zealand
Travel in New Zealand Quiz

Aukland, New Zealand
Rugby in New Zealand
Kiwis in New Zealand

Dust Echoes
Maori Story of Creation

The Best Sites For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Here are lots of video about Australia.


Wonders Of Vietnam is from Google.