I was prompted to put this list together today after seeing a New York Times article about an eleven-year-old who is debuting a movie he made about New York City school lunches. He used a hidden camera for six months and came up with “Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch.”

Here’s the trailer:

Trailer: Yuck – A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch from Maxwell Project on Vimeo.

It reminded me a bit of the famous nine-year old in Scotland and her Never Seconds blog. The blog has really taken an international flavor recently.

And then there was the teacher who “ate 162 school lunches — and blogged it.” You can read her blog, Fed Up With Lunch.

Here are some related links from my The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures list:

I bet students would like to learn what schools in other countries serve for lunch. They can at School Lunches Around The World, School Meals From Around the World, and What’s For School Lunch?

11 School Lunches from around the World shows what the title describes, along with additional information about how the actual school lunch process works in each country.

U.S. Late To The Party On School Lunch Makeovers is the title of an NPR article and slideshow showing and describing school lunches from around the world.

What School Lunches Look Like In 20 Countries Around The World is a nice post from BuzzFeed.

School Lunches From Around The World is a slideshow from The Huffington Post.

How Students Would Improve Their School Lunch Experience is from MindShift.

What if Children Ran the School Lunchroom? is from The NY Times.

Why school lunches feel like they’re frozen in time is from Vox.

Pizza, plum cake and pickled red onion: how school lunches look across Europe is from The Guardian.

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