This week’s New Yorker has a great article titled Every Disease On Earth. Unfortunately, it’s behind a paywall. Here’s an excerpt:

Here are a few other articles on the doctor/teacher connection:

Medicare Penalizes Nearly 1,500 Hospitals For Poor Quality Scores is from NPR, and shows that some hospitals get penalized unfairly for the same reasons inner-city schools receive criticism.

Why Evaluate Teachers and Doctors Differently? is by Walt Gardner at Education Week.

Should “Efficiency” Really Be The Driving Force In Hospitals (And Schools)?

Here’s an interesting NY Times article about performance pay for doctors, and here’s Paul Thomas’ commentary on it.

Walt Gardner wrote another post — Preparing Doctors and Teachers.

Coaching is Good for Doctors and Teachers Both is by John Thompson.

Bad Medicine is by EduShyster, and discusses the impact of similar elements of “school reform” into the medical profession.

NY Times Column Skewers Performance Pay