It’s been pretty hard over the past week to miss the video of Texas student Jeff Bliss publicly evaluating his teacher.

Now, someone has created a great musical remix of what happened (thanks to Scott McLeod for the tip). In this post, I’ve embedded three videos: first, the remix; then the original; and finally, an interview with him.

It’s difficult to determine exactly what goes on in a classroom based on a ninety-second clip and the testimony of a single student. And I suspect all of us have had days when we’ve been less-than-stellar teachers. However, to me, the most telling point of this entire situation is that a student actually videotaped it and put it on YouTube. I think I’m echoing a point made years ago in a post by Alice Mercer — if a teacher has allowed a relationship in the classroom to deteriorate to the point that a student wants to publicly humiliate their instructor, then it’s likely something pretty toxic is going on there.