Science magazine is inviting young people to contribute responses to a GREAT question. Unfortunately, the deadline to submit a 250 word response is May 17th, the day after I publish this post.

Here’s their question:

You can travel back in time to share one piece of scientific knowledge from today. Where do you go? Describe the date and place you choose, the information you share, and how it might change the course of history. (Assume that the people you visit will understand and believe you!)

Regular readers are familiar with the “What If?” projects I have my ESL and IB Theory of Knowledge classes create (see The Best Resources For Teaching “What If?” History Lessons).

Science’s question would be a great take on that topic. In fact, I’m considering having my Theory Of Knowledge students do it as part of their final instead of what I had originally planned.

Thanks to Dan Willingham for sending a tweet about the Science contest.

Here are the contributions to the contest – they are great examples!