Terrible tornadoes hit the Midwest this past weekend, and Oklahoma has been hit by devastating mile-wide one today. As of this initial writing of this post, the human toll is still unknown, and we can only hope it’s not as bad as the physical destruction indicates….

Here are a few quick resources that might be useful for teachers. I know that my students will be interested tomorrow in learning what happened.

You might want to start off with The Best Resources For Learning About Tornadoes.

Here are resources on the recent tornadoes (some of the embedded videos might not go through on an RSS Reader):

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

You can see more videos at CNN.

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How to help Oklahoma tornado victims is from NBC News.

Interactive: Deadly tornadoes in the U.S. is from USA Today.

The Associated Press has published an interactive on the Oklahoma tornado.

How to Understand the Scale of Today’s Oklahoma Tornado is from The Smithsonian Magazine.

Oklahoma tornado – the devastation in Moore: interactive is from The Guardian.

Photos of Tornado Damage in Moore, Oklahoma is from The Atlantic.

Path of Destruction in Oklahoma is from The Wall Street Journal.

Tornadoes in America: The Oklahoma Disaster in Context is from The Atlantic.

Graphic: Oklahoma tornado destroys elementary school

Teachers Credited With Saving Students in Okla
. is from ABC.

Teachers Are Awesome: Educators as Heroes in Oklahoma Tornado is from GOOD.

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This AP photo of teachers carrying students.

Here’s a partial transcript of the video embedded below:

REPORTER: there have been some amazing stories of survival that are starting to emerge from the rubble and i have one of those, brandi klein, damien klein and bobby britain. damien you’re a fourth grader at plaza tower elementary school. do you remember anything from yesterday?

CHILD: we were in glass and all we heard was the sirens go off and we all ran to the hallway. some of us had a math book, some of us had backpacks and they went off again, then we ducked again and then it went off and then we went in the bathroom, and then they went off again and then we heard the tornado and it sounded like a train coming by, and then we all, we were all covered and a teacher took cover of us, miss crossway.

REPOTER: miss crossway threw her body right over you, didn’t she?

CHILD: yes.

REPORTER: watts she covering you and some other students?

CHILD: she was covering me and my friend, zachary, and then she, i told her that we were fine because we were holding onto something and she went over to my friend antonio and covered him, and then so she saved our lives.

REPORTER: she did save your lives. how long do you remember being under the teacher? how long did it feel like for the tornado to pass over you?

CHILD: about five minutes.

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The New York Times Learning Network has updated this lesson to include the Oklahoma tornado: Inside Twisters: Creating Scientific News Reports on Tornadoes.

Oklahoma tornado: What causes storms in ‘Tornado Alley’? is a video from The BBC.

The tornado’s path through Moore, Oklahoma is an interactive from The Washington Post.

Satellites See Storm System that Created Moore, Okla., Tornado shares NASA video and photos.

A Survival Plan for America’s Tornado Danger Zone is from The New York Times.

Backpacks, Human Shields, Above and Beyond: The Oklahoma Teacher Heroes is from The Atlantic.

The courage of teachers is from CNN.

Before and After: 360° Views From Moore, Okla.

Storm Chasers Seek Thrills, But Also Chance To Warn Others
is from NPR.