Here’s a mixed group of resources related to student motivation:

The #GeniusHour Wiki has a variety of resources related to…Genius Hour. Here’s how it’s described: “Genius Hour is a precious time, loved by all my students. It is when they are allowed to develop their own inquiry question about whatever it is that they want to explore. They are then given about 3 one hour Genius Hour sessions and then they are usually ready to present their learning to the class.” I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Applying “Fed Ex Days” To Schools.

Cybrary Man also has many resources related to Genius Hour.

The Unengageables is a must-read post by Dan Meyer. It’s specifically talking about math, but much of what he says (and links to) related to motivation issues across all classes. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles On “Motivating” Students.

How Incentives Demoralize Us is by Barry Schwartz. I’m adding it to the same list.