Last week, I published a guest piece over at Education Week sharing what I was planning on reading this summer, and thought I’d publish a short post here sharing what my writing projects are over the same period of time.


I’m beginning to write the third volume in my “trilogy” on student motivation (book one was Helping Students Motivate Themselves and book two was Self-Driven Learning). Unlike those previous volumes, however, I’m trying to be sane and not write it all in one summer. So I’ll be working on it now, but don’t anticipate its completion until next summer.

Education Week is publishing an eBook of some of posts from my teacher advice column there, and I’ll be adding some new material. I think they’re anticipating publishing it within the next couple of months. All author royalties are going to The National Writing Project.


I’m writing one for the International Reading Association, and my friend and colleague, Katie Hull, and I are writing a piece on teaching writing to English Language Learners for ASCD Educational Leadership.


I’ll be one of the keynoters at the K-12 Online Conference for their “Leading Learning” strand, so have to prepare that presentation.


Of course, I’ll continue to be posting here, and will be publishing quite a few mid-year “The Best…” lists. In addition, I’ll be active at my Engaging Parents In School blog and will be publishing a variety of thematic summary posts at my Education Week Teacher advice blog (as well as organizing questions and answers to appear in the next school year there). It’s likely, though not certain, that I’ll be back again publishing at The New York Times Learning Network, but I’ll nevertheless be doing some prep work in case that continues.

All that, combined with family trips, lots of basketball-playing, lesson prep for next year, and countless naps, should make for a busy summer…

What are you doing to rejuvenate yourself over the summer break?