I’m continuing to do early versions of “The Best Of The Year” lists so in December, when I do the final ones, I won’t have to review an entire year’s worth of posts.

I write many posts about recent research studies and how they can relate practically to the classroom. In fact, I post a regular feature called Research Studies of the Week. In addition, I write individual posts about studies I feel are particularly relevant to my work as a teacher.

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My Best Posts On New Research Studies In 2012 — So Far

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Here are my choices for My Best Posts On New Research Studies In 2013 — So Far:

Intriguing New Study On Student Engagement

Interesting New Study By Carol Dweck

How Many Studies Must A Man Do Before He Gives Up On Trying To Prove Extrinsic Motivation Works?

Won’t Researcher Roland Fryer Ever Give Up On Trying To Prove Extrinsic Motivation Works Better Than The Intrinsic Kind?

The Power Of Stories

The Importance Of Explaining “Why”

Study Says Ability To Identify Patterns Key To Second Language Learning

Another Study On Schools Providing Students Home Computers Finds The Obvious Results

Important Research On Grammar Instruction

Interesting Study, Disappointing Interpretation

Texting & Marshmallows

Quote Of The Day: “Sex Differences in Mathematics and Reading Achievement”

Appealing To The Self-Interest Of Bullies

Simple Writing Exercise Said To “Narrow Achievement Gap”

Need More Evidence About The Dangers Of Extrinsic Rewards? Here It Is From The Harvard Business Review

Another Example Of Mentoring Success

Our Students Are Not Supermen & Superwomen

How Did I Not Know About This National Academy Of Sciences Report On Student Motivation?

Media Coverage Of Mayo Clinic’s Research On Paying People To Lose Weight — Not Seeing The Forest For The Trees

“Short Bouts of Exercise Boost Self Control” — Is That Your Experience With Students?

Learning Another Language Makes Your Brain Grow Bigger — Literally

“The High Cost Of Rudeness”

Study: Self-Esteem Activity Helps Latino Students, Too

Study: More Power Equals More Self-Control & Less Power Equals — You Guessed It!

More Understanding Equals More Interest & Intrinsic Motivation

It’s Official: “What Works Clearinghouse” Approves Study That Shows Relationships Promote Perseverance & Cash Bonuses Do Not

Brain “Priming” In The Classroom

New Research Shows Why Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Education Are Not Enough

How Do We Contribute To Students Being Rude In Class?

Surprise, Surprise: Study Finds That Relationships Promote Perseverance & Cash Bonuses Do Not

The “Best Learning Techniques” Are Useless If Students Won’t Do Them — A Critical Take On A Well Done Study

More Info On Student Cellphone Use In Class Research

The Best Posts & Articles On The “Motivation Trumps IQ” Study

“Share your Good News, and You [ & Others ] will be Better Off”

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