Many readers subscribe to this blog using Google Reader, which is being shut-down on July 1st.

There are plenty of alternatives to Google Reader if you still want to subscribe using an RSS Reader (see The Best Alternatives To Google Reader Now That It’s Being Shut Down).

After trying out fifteen or twenty alternatives out there, including the new Digg Reader, I have yet to find a service that I think is a great replacement.

However, there’s no value in letting the “perfect be the enemy of the good.”

I’ve finally determined that Feedly is my primary alternative — with a caveat.

I really like Mr. Reader, which is only an iPad app. However, it “syncs” with Feedly. So I’ll be using Feedly on my desktop and on my iPhone, but Mr. Reader on my iPad.

In addition, you can always subscribe for free by email. You can quickly sign-up here. If there are multiple posts in one day you will still only receive one email containing all of them.

Of course, I also publish links to post on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook (and sometimes Pinterest), so those are other ways to access this blog’s content, too.