Eye On Education, the publisher of my two books on student motivation (Helping Students Motivate Themselves and Self-Driven Learning) was recently purchased by Routledge.

The EOE website has been “migrating” over to Routledge’s, and the good news is that all of the Figures (and there are a lot of them) from both books, including student hand-outs, are now available for anyone to easily download for free. Previously, you had to use a special code from the book to access them.

You can find the Figures from Helping Students Motivate Themselves here under “supplemental downloads.”

You can find them from Self-Driven Learning here, also under supplemental downloads.

The bad news is that they’ve eliminated the free sample chapters.  However, you can still check them out through the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon.  Also, one of the downloads for the Self-Driven book is a chapter from the first book (it’s used in a lesson plan).

I haven’t finalized it yet as the transition is ongoing, but I assume Routledge will also be publishing the final volume in my “student motivation trilogy.” I’m working on that now, though it probably won’t be finished for a year….

Helping Students Motivate Themselves