I’ve never been thrilled with requiring high school exit exams, and a new study that came out this week provides even more reasons why they aren’t good ideas. I’m sharing some posts about it here, along with previous articles I’ve shared pointing out their problems. Feel free to share additional resources and thoughts:

High School Graduation Exams Are Bad For Students is by Paul Bruno.

Exit Exams Boost the School to Prison Pipeline is by Anthony Cody.

Students Who Take Tougher Graduation Exams Are More Likely To Wind Up In Jail is from The Business Insider.

Study: Exit exam doesn’t meet expectations is from The San Francisco Chronicle.

California’s Exit-Exam Policy: A Study in Inequity is from Education Week.

High school exit exam hinders female and non-white students, study says is by Stephen Krashen.

Will California Use Common Core Tests as a High School Exit Exam? is by Anthony Cody at Education Week.

Exit Exams Need Overhaul, Report Says is from Education Week.

California could drop its high school exit test is from The Sacramento Bee. The big question, of course, is if they drop it what will take its place?

Are High School Exit Exams An Unnecessary Barrier To Graduation? is from NPR.

High school exit exam may be suspended immediately is from Ed Source out here in California. Good riddance!

Wow! CA State Exit Exam Bill Could Eliminate Test Requirement – Retroactive To 2006

I Hope California Keeps This In Mind When Deciding About Future High School Exit Exams

California High School Exit Exam Fiasco — Here’s The Latest

Amazing! CA Assembly Committee Adds Amendment To Bill Retroactively Waiving Requirement To Pass High School Exit Exam

Statistic Of The Day: High School Exit Exam Hurts Students Of Color

Bill Eliminating CA High School Exit Exam Passes Legislature – Will Result In HUGE Increase In ELL Student Motivation

He Did It! Gov. Brown Eliminates High School Exit Exam Retroactively!

The Exit Exam Paradox: Did States Raise Standards So High They Then Had to Lower the Bar to Graduate? is by Matt Barnum.

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