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It’s not unusual for me students to tell me that they don’t have to worry about reading and writing well because they are planning on being a professional basketball player, skateboarder, etc.

I’ve got responses to that (though am happy to hear what readers say to it), but I think having students hear directly from athletes themselves saying how reading and writing well has helped their sports career.

I’ve only got a couple of resources, and hope that readers will suggest more.

Here’s what I have so far:

Here’s a video about LeBron James and why and what he’s reading, and an ESPN article about it — LeBron James, open book.

LeBron, Reading And How Books Can Benefit A Pro Athlete is by Dan Grunfield.

NBA star Russell Westbrook has financed new “reading rooms” for schools in the Los Angeles area, and has previously done the same with Oklahoma City schools.

When an NBA all-star from South L.A. comes home is an L.A. Times article.

Here’s a link to a good video at NBA.com and here’s one from the L.A. Times.

Colts’ Quarterback Andrew Luck Begins Book Club For Kids & Adults

Andrew Luck Thinks Reading is Fun!

Other suggestions — please!