UNESCO and Mozilla just announced a project to Help UNESCO remix educational videos.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

UNESCO has been using technology to reach under-served populations around the world and they’re calling for people to use Popcorn Maker to help remix educational videos, including ones they’re currently using in rural Pakistan.

UNESCO has introduced mobile technologies to deliver information to rural female teachers in early childhood care using 20 videos created to reflect the national curriculum. The videos cover a wide range of topics including learning the Urdu alphabet, basic mathematical concepts and hygiene that teachers can show to the entire class or use privately to assist in lesson planning.

How You Can Help

UNESCO is putting out the call for volunteers to remix the videos using Popcorn Maker. You can help by:

  • improving the videos by adding in more educational information
  • making them more fun by adding music, videos, graphics or photos
  • creating your own Popcorn videos from scratch using dynamic elements from the web

I’ve previously posted about Popcorn Maker, which is a free tool that lets you remix and annotate media.

Here’s an example of a video made through the Popcorn Maker “that teaches the English alphabet with photos from Flickr. You can remix it to change the images, text or music to localize it for any language or culture”:

And here’s the video announcing the Popcorn Maker that I first posted a year ago:

Thanks to The New York Times Learning Network for the tip.