'Teachers Getting ready To Protest In Dublin' photo (c) 2008, William Murphy - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Here are several relatively recent good posts and articles on education policy issues:

Five basic lessons on public education (short and long versions) is from The Washington Post. I’m adding it to The Best Articles Providing An “Overall” Perspective On Education Policy.

Denver Teachers Push Back on Suspension Cuts
is from Education Week. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On LA’s Banning Of Suspensions For “Willful Defiance” (Along With Commentary From An LA Teacher).

A new round of segregation plays out in charter schools is from The Hechinger Report. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles Analyzing Charter Schools.

CREDO’s Significantly Insignificant Findings is from The National Education Policy Center. I’m adding it to A Beginning List Of The Best Posts & Articles On The Charter School CREDO Study.

An ES Interview With Linda Darling-Hammond is from Education Sector.

Here’s a good infographic on Finland’s school system. I’m adding it to The Best Resources To Learn About Finland’s Education System.

Getting beyond “teacher leadership light” is by Barnett Berry.