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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

If You Want To Influence People To Change, Then You Want To Read Atul Gawande’s New Article

Article On Learning & The Brain That’s Perfect For Tenth, Eleventh, & Twelfth Graders

It Looks Like Nate Silver Is Bringing His Stats Knowledge To Education

“Teachers As ‘Givers, Takers & Matchers’: An Interview With Adam Grant”

What In The World Is Rahm Emanuel Thinking?

Nine California Districts (Including Ours) Seek Waiver From NCLB — Duncan Should Turn It Down

Whew! Just Finished First Chapter Of Third Book On Student Motivation

“ColAR” Could Be The Coolest Tablet App Out There, & Here’s How I Would Use It In Class

If You’re Ever Teaching About Racial Profiling, You Definitely Want To Show This Video

The New Google Maps Is Now Open To Everybody!

Stop The Presses! Study Finds Student Prior Knowledge Is Important & Best Explored Through “Flipped Flipped Classroom” (not a typo)

Video: “Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial”

New Kindle Versions Of My Student Motivation Books (& All Eye On Education Books) Available Soon

All My Ed Week Posts On Brain-Based Learning In One Place

Thoughtful Resources On Trayvon Martin Case & Verdict

Standardized Tests & Student Motivation

“Urban Observatory” Is The Coolest Map Site I’ve Seen In Awhile….

Wonderful Video: Brazilian Kids Learn English By Correcting Tweets From Celebrities

Infographic: How Much Of Their Own Funds Do Teachers Spend In The Classroom?

Important Advice For Anyone Who Wants To Be Effective At Making Change

Malcolm Gladwell’s New Story On The Importance Of Being A Good Listener

You Can Read & Download The Entire First Chapter From Our ELL Book For Free

Quote Of The Day: Hannah Arendt & The Origin Of Evil

All My Ed Week Posts On Teaching Math & Science In One Place!

Video: Charlotte Danielson — “We Better Hold Off On Making High-Stakes Decisions” Based On Student Test Scores

Excellent PowerPoint On Feedback Promoting A Growth Mindset

My Most Popular Parent Engagement Posts Over The Past Four Years

Quote Of The Day: You Won’t Hear Better Classroom Management Advice Than This….

Great Student Hand-Out On Learning & The Brain

More On The Research Showing Reading When Young Slows Alzheimer’s Later

Great Interview With My Teaching Partner, Katie Hull-Sypnieski

Create A 28 Year Timelapse Animation Of….Anywhere

That Was Quick — My New Publisher Has Made Even More Free Downloadable Figures From My Newest Book Available

A Surprising Study Only To People Who Have Never Worked In The Community: Low-Income People Care About Their Neighborhoods

“News In Levels” Looks Like An Excellent Site For ELLs

All My Ed Week Posts On Teaching Reading & Writing In One Place!

What Are They Thinking? Cleveland Paper Publishes Teachers’ VAM Ratings