Learning and the brain must be in the air, because I keep on finding useful articles on the topic accessible to students. And I’m continuing to add them to The Best Resources For Showing Students That They Make Their Brain Stronger By Learning, where you can also find out how I use them in the classroom.

The New Yorker just published an article titled Mentally Fit. Most if it is a pretty forgettable travelogue on the author’s visits to “brain fitness” centers around the country. However, there is one paragraph that discusses the brain and learning using imagery and figurative language, which makes it different from the other articles I use and have previously posted.

I think this particular paragraph is perfect for a “read aloud.”

Most of the article is behind a paywall. However, the first three paragraphs are not. Luckily, the paragraph I’m talking about is the third one, so its accessible to anyone at the previous link.

Here’s an excerpt: