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I just saw this tweet from a respected reporter in Florida:

(Here’s a full report on his resignation)

It prompted me to come up with a quick “The Best…” list about this scandal:

I’d say Sherman Dorn’s post is the best out there.

Who does Tony Bennett think he’s kidding? is by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post.

I’ve written two posts on the topic:

Priceless, Amazing & Disappointing: “GOP donor’s school grade changed”

I’m Sorry, I Just Can’t Help Myself: Bennett Scandal Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Break given to Christel House could have spared two IPS schools from state takeover is from The Indianapolis Star.

Do the Math: Christel House’s Grade Doesn’t Add Up is from The New America Foundation.

Florida’s Education Chief Quits Amid Report That He Changed a School’s Rating is from The New York Times.

After resignation, Tony Bennett’s rising star in school reform movement begins to fade is from The Indianapolis Star.

Tony Bennett: Songs in the Key of C, No Wait, A is by Rachel Levy.

Top Bennett aide resigns from Florida Department of Education is from The Tampa Bay Times.

“What Kind of Fool Am I?” Tony Bennett is by John Merrow.

What am I missing?