Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don’t Leave by Barnett Berry, Ann Byrd, and Alan Wieder, from The Center For Teaching Quality, is coming out soon. (It’s now been published, and you can read my interview with Barnett Berry about it at Education Week Teacher)

It’ll be a must-read.

You can read the first chapter here.

You can also read Barnett’s recent post, Students, poverty, and stress: Teacherpreneurs can help.

And I would strongly encourage you to watch David Orphal’s great Prezi presentation, What the Heck is a Teacherpreneur? (and read the comments below it, too).

You might also be interested in this video about the last book leaders from the Center wrote, Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools–Now and in the Future.

Who’s a teacherpreneur (or not)? is by Barnett Berry.

Teacherprefakeurism. Sound Awkward? is from Stories From School.

So You Want to Be a Teacherpreneur? is from Education Week Teacher.

Teacherpreneurs Panel and How We Benefit Students is by Ariel Sacks.

How principals can avoid ‘administrator-itis’ is from The Washington Post.

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