A pop star in Pakistan has begun a new animated series called the Burka Avenger.

Here’s how CNN describes it:

Most, if not all, super heroes wear cloaks and masks to hide their identity. But how about a burqa?

A new cartoon series in Pakistan is turning stereotypes on their head. It’s centered around a woman who doesn’t wear a burqa in the daytime but puts one on to transform into the “Burka Avenger” – and what’s more, she’s fighting for female education.

The cartoon is already the talk of the country and it hasn’t even launched yet. “Burka Avenger” is a passion project of Pakistani pop star, Haroon.

Below, I’ve embedded a preview of the show, which begins in mid-August, a music video, and links to various articles about the effort.

‘Burka Avenger’ Protects Women’s Rights is from Voice Of America.

Meet Pakistan’s new Wonder Woman, “Burka Avenger” is from CBS News.