Ana Maria Menezes is a longtime teacher of English in Brazil, and a well-known blogger. She’s beginning a project with her students and inviting others to participate. I’ve asked her to write a short guest post about it:


PROJECT: Education here, there, everywhere.

Do you have teenage students? Do you have teenagers at home who could give us a hand?

I teach English to teenagers in Brazil and we’ve just started a unit which is about Education. In order to help them learn about how different school can be in other countries (or not), we’d love to have students from different countries participate in our VOICETHREAD.

These are some questions students can answer:

– What kind of secondary school do you go to? (private / state school)
– Do you like it?
– How many students are there in your class?
– How many hours a day do you stay at school?
– What kind of subjects do you like best?
– Can you choose what subjects to take?
– Do you have to wear a uniform?
– Can you describe the sitting arrangement in your classroom? ( in a U shape, in lines, in groups)
– And the classes? Does the teacher do most of the talking or do you work mostly in groups?
– Do students stay in the same room the whole school period or do they move to different rooms according to the subject?
– Is discipline very strict?

If you wish to join our project, you can record the whole class using your own voicethread account and have different students come to the webcam in order to answer the questions (an in-class activity) or you can set it for homework and students record themselves individually. To add a video-response and participate in our project, click COMMENT and record a video message, please.

Here’s the link to our VoiceThread.