The sixtieth anniversary of The March On Washington is here (I originally published this post on its fiftieth anniversary, and have reviewed links to make sure they’re still live and added more recent ones), so I thought readers would appreciated bringing together a collection of resources that I’ll be adding to as the day grows even closer.

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Here are my beginning choices for The Best Resources About The March On Washington:

The History Channel has a number of related resources.

The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Lesson Plan: A History of Discrimination and Its Consequences comes from The PBS News Hour.

Four ways to beat ‘The Man’ is from CNN.

Claiming and Teaching the 1963 March on Washington is from The Zinn Education Project.

At 1963 March, A Face In The Crowd Became A Poster Child is from NPR.

His Dreams, Our Stories is an impressive site from Comcast.

A Momentous Day Driven by Ordinary People is a NY Times photo gallery.

Witnesses to History, 50 Years Later is a great interactive from The New York Times.

“Did You Know?” Myths and Facts About the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is from Teaching For Change.

What Do Asian-Americans Owe The Civil Rights Movement? is from NPR.

PBS has additional multimedia resources.

President Obama has made some comments on the March’s anniversary.

Thousands Gather In D.C. To Mark 1963 Civil Rights March is from NPR.

Thousands march on Washington to remember Martin Luther King’s dream is from The Guardian.

I’m embedding John Lewis’ speech from the anniversary march below:

Rep. John Lewis’ Speech at the 1963 March on Washington from on Vimeo.

Check this out, too: Two Versions of John Lewis’ Speech

Scenes From the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington is from The New York Times.

Following King’s Path, and Trying to Galvanize a New Generation is also from The New York Times.

Why the march anniversary matters—especially for whites is from The Washington Post.

Five myths about the March on Washington is from The Washington Post.

Teaching the Movement, Beyond Four Famous Words is from Teaching Tolerance.

50 years after King, hidden racism lives on is from CNN.

This Is the Day: Historic March On Washington – in pictures is from The Guardian.

The Guardian has a neat interactive on King’s speech, too.

March on Washington Inspires Educators, 50 Years Later is from Education Week.

You’ve got to watch this interview with John Lewis. You can read the transcript here.

Here’s a video of President Obama’s speech today on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. You can read a transcript here.

Here’s a Wordle of “Obama speech at March on Washington, Aug. 28, 2013”

Voices for Equality is a video selection from The New York Times of “A selection of speeches since Martin Luther King Jr.’s address at the Lincoln Monument on Aug. 28, 1963, that have influenced the perceptions of race in America.”

Six amazing photos from the 1963 March on Washington is from The Washington Post.

These ten charts show the black-white economic gap hasn’t budged in 50 years is also from The Washington Post.

Ten charts show how the U.S. has changed for the better since MLK’s speech is from The Washington Post.

50 Years of the Civil-Rights Movement—in 10 Charts is from The Daily Beast.

President Obama shows the progress we’ve made. His speech shows how terribly we’ve failed. is from The Washington Post.

Revisiting Martin Luther King’s 1963 Dream speech

A half-century after the ‘dream’: 10 signposts on America’s race journey is from CNN.

The Unfinished March on Washington is from Bill Moyers website.

NBC/WSJ poll: Many Americans say King’s dream hasn’t become a reality yet is from NBC News.

The Misremembering of ‘I Have a Dream’ is from The Nation.

An oral history of the March on Washington, 60 years after MLK’s dream is from The Washington Post.

This is just a small beginning of a list. Please feel free to contribute more!