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I hope you’ll join me at a combined #engchat & #sschat on Monday at 7 PM EST. It’s called #engsschat, and the topic will be broad — “Teaching social studies and English to English Language Learners.” Melissa Seideman will be my co-host.

Here are some resources on how to participate in a Twitter Chat:

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat Session

Here are the questions I anticipate asking chat participants (as well as being open to hearing questions from others!):

1. What are the best instructional strategies that you’ve found have worked best with English Language Learners?

2. What are the best online tools that have helped you differentiate instruction for English Language Learners?

3. What benefits have you seen to having ELLs in your classes?

4. What might be some of the particular challenges to teaching ELLs as a result of the Common Core Standards?

Here are links to resources I thought chat participants (and anyone teaching ELLs) might find useful:

The Best Sites For Learning Strategies To Teach ELL’s In Content Classes

The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners

The Best Websites For Teaching & Learning About World History

The Best Websites For Teaching & Learning About U.S. History

For more Social Studies studies, go to my “Best” list page and look under…Social Studies.

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