'Social Media apps' photo (c) 2013, Jason Howie - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

I share a lot of resources and commentaries in various social media, and I thought readers might find it helpful if I share my strategies about where I post what. I had included a similar summary in Eight Ways To Build An Audience For Your Blog, and this is an update.  Apart from sharing links to most of my blog posts (from this blog and from my weekly columns in The New York Times and Education Week Teacher), I share different resources in each social media service.

I actively participate on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Facebook.

I have over 30,000 “followers” on Twitter, and I share links to my blog posts and other resources that I consider particularly important or useful (along with the occasional cute animal picture 🙂 )   I also respond to inquiries and post some myself.  All told, I probably share about forty tweets daily, which includes sharing links to my posts more than once.

I’m in about 6,000 “circles” on Google Plus and only share three kinds of items there:

* My blog posts once to “public” and directly to people who have asked to be notified through Google Plus of them.

* Four or five articles that I consider interesting, but not important enough to share on Twitter.  Again, I post them “public”).

* Videos, mainly funny ones, that have little educational relevance (again, to “public.”

About 5,000 people subscribe to my three boards on Pinterest.  There, I share infographics and charts that would be too bulky to include in my blog, attractively designed and important quotations, and links to many, though not all, of my blog posts.  I probably pin ten or twelve items each day on Pinterest.

For Facebook, I have my blog posts automatically shared as part of Networked Blogs, and also manually share each post, since more and more people use the “Subscriber” feature now available that lets you subscribe to peoples updates (I’ve got about 1,700 “friends” and 500 people who subscribe to updates).  I’ll sometimes share a personal photo, as well.

Do you have particular strategies you use for different social media?  If so, please share them in the comments….