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The Web is sure a big place, and it’s easy to miss most of the great stuff out there for English Language Learners and their teachers. And, since most people actually have lives, they don’t necessarily want to be spending hours online separating the wheat from the chaff.

Taking all that into consideration, here are my recommendations for the Best Three Sites On The Web For ESL/EFL/ELL/ELT Teachers. These three sites provide large quantities of high quality resources for teachers and students, and they’re free. They’re my “go to” sites that I check check daily, and typically more often, to see what’s new.

The Teaching English – British Council Facebook page. This site is relatively new to me, but it’s certainly not new to many others since it has well over 300,000 “Likes”! Ann Foreman does an extraordinary job inviting and sharing resources from teachers throughout the world.

EFL Classroom 2.0. I’ve posted countless times already about this site, and the great work by its founder, David Deubelbeiss (Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, EFL Classroom is closing down.  David has now opened up a new site called ELT Buzz).

Ressources Pour Le College En Anglais is another site I’ve mentioned often. Michelle Henry does an incredible job of curating resources for students and teachers (Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Michelle has now retired from teaching and is no longer updating her site).

Of course, you might also want to this blog as a fourth site to add to this list 🙂

Here’s a bonus site: I was browsing Pinterest and came upon this page after searching “infographic language ell”. Wow, what a treasure chest of useful visualizations!

And another bonus: This Is The Best Web 2.0 Site For ELLs & May Be The Best One For All Students

And here’s another one: iSLCollective’s Video Lessons Are A Huge Asset For Any ELL Teacher

Another Reason iSLCollective Is One Of Top Sites For ELLs – Their New Online Homework Feature!

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Let me know if you think I should expand the list beyond these three sites…