Trippin is an engaging and innovative site for English language-learning that combines “edgy” videos (classroom appropriate — just “hip” enough to be particularly attractive to teenage learners), quizzes, and geography. Though I obviously didn’t view all the videos and try-out all the interactives, they seem to be laid-out sequentially (and, I assume, with graduated levels of difficulty) — in other words, players are not allowed to do them out of order

It’s been created by Mau Buchler, a twenty-year veteran of teaching English. He’s been developing the site for three years….

It’s free (though there are indications on the site they at some point there might be a cost), and I’m looking forward to having my students try it out next week.

I’m adding it to The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners and may add it to other “Best” lists, depending on what my students and blog readers tell me.