I’ve previously posted about HippoCampus a number of times, and it’s on several “The Best…” lists. It has pretty extensive video collections in a number of subjects, and I’ve often used their U.S. History resources.

I’ve just learned from Beth Pickett, a HippoCampus staff member, that it now lets teachers easily create “playlists.” Here’s what she wrote me:

OER website HippoCampus.org also allows users to create playlists of videos (or web pages, or PowerPoints, or Google docs, or any combination of those) and annotate them as well. For content that’s already on HippoCampus (core academic subjects for 7th-12th grades), it’s a matter of drag-and-drop. For content outside HippoCampus, just paste in the URL in the appropriate dialogue box and give it a title.

I’ve done a four-minute tutorial (I’m the product manager) for how it works, which you can see from any of the HippoCampus subject pages or directly from vimeo [NOTE: I’ve embedded the video below]

HippoCampus content is free for individual teachers and students to use, and it’s free to create an account (which you’d need to do if you want to create a Playlist).

It seems to me that this could come in quite handy. I’m adding the info to The Best Ways To Create Online Video Playlists.

There seem to have been a number of other additions to HippoCampus since I last posted about it, including a number of potentially useful English interactives including audio and visual support for the text. I’ll be exploring them more, and writing a separate post in the future.

Here’s Beth’s video:

HippoCampus – How To Create a Playlist from The NROC Project on Vimeo.