Today, Alexander Russo posted about what has to be one of the worst ideas of the year — a new series on the Sundance Channel called “Dream School.”

Here’s the awful trailer:

I’m not even going to say anything more because Rachel Nobel has already said all that needs to be said over at a post on Ed Wize. You really need to go over and read the entire post, but here’s an excerpt:

this show seems to us at Edwize like a shameful gimmick that’s disrespectful to both teachers and high-risk students. Can you imagine the outcry if we had a show, Dream Courtroom, where non-credentialed celebrities represented defendants in their “last chance” to avoid prison? Or Dream Hospital, where celebrities acting as doctors became their patients’ “last chance”…literally?

If, for some strange reason, you want to see the episodes, you can watch them here.

50 Cent created the show, and you can read more about his thoughts here.