I wrote a fairly popular post yesterday titled The Best Ways To Modify The Picture Word Inductive Model For ELLs.

One of the ways I mentioned was:

teachers can find a comparable photo to the main one, have students label those words, and then create Venn Diagram and ultimately a compare/contrast essay.

I also linked to an example.

However, today, I realized I had neglected to mention the easiest way to find comparable photos.

It’s extraordinarily simple:

1.  Go to Google Images,

2.  Click on the camera icon in the search box

Click on Camera icon

3.  You will be prompted to either paste the URL address of the image for which you want to find a similar one or you can upload a photo (boy, that’s sure a tortured sentence 🙂 ).

Paste the URL

4.   Click enter and then you’re given a number of other images to choose from….

And here is a cool image upload trick for those using Chrome or FireFox:

1.  Go to Google Images,

Go to image search

2.  Drag the image from your computer into the image search area.

Drop the image in the search area

3.  A ‘Search by image’ box automatically loads and you just drop the image in the search area.

4.   Once uploaded you’re given a number of other images to choose from….

Example of search result

It couldn’t be more simple, and I’m adding this info to yesterday’s post.