'Determination' photo (c) 2007, Dana Lookadoo - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

I’ve written a lot about student goal-setting in this blog (see The Best Posts On Students Setting Goals) and have included lesson plans in my books.

Last month, I wrote about how our school has decided to explicitly emphasize Social Emotional Learning, and how our Small Learning Community had chosen to focus initially on student goal-setting (see Supporting School-Wide Social Emotional Learning).

It’s going quite well, and our SLC Lead Teacher, Pam Buric, has done a great job building a leadership team to make it happen and to encourage all teachers to support it.

Several of our teachers have developed goal-setting resources specific to their classes and/or to ensure that the concept of goal-setting is supported SLC-wide, and have agreed to let me share them here:

Elisabeth Johnson modified the goal-setting form that Katie Hull and I developed so that it could be more applicable to her Social Studies classes.

Blia Vue has created a different goal-setting form that is also applicable to Social Studies courses.

Kim Moore had previously discussed John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success with her students, so developed a form that would be connected to it.

And Nina Collins created a poster that all teachers could hang in their rooms.

I feel very lucky to work with such a great group of talented and committed colleagues who are willing to freely share with the wider education community!