'Franz Kafka' photo (c) 2006, CHRISTIAAN TONNIS - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Much to my surprise, two students in my ninth-grade English class have decided they want to read Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” as part of an independent book discussion group (a copy was in a few bags of free books I distributed from The Friends of the Davis Library, who are very generous in helping students create their own personal libraries). They read the first chapter together outside during our daily reading practice to check it out, and they’ve decided to stick with it.

I’ve gathered a few accessible Kafka resources that I’ve told them they can try out at our library once or twice a week as a supplemental activity, and thought I’d share them here just in case you might have students who want to explore some of Kafka’s works (Please let me know if you have additional suggestions):

Kafkamesto is an online video game based on his life and writings. Here is its walkthrough.

Before The Law is another online video game based on a parable from The Trial.

Here are some related videos: