'Teachers Getting ready To Protest In Dublin' photo (c) 2008, William Murphy - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Here are some recent useful articles on educational policy:

These 11 Leaders Are Running Education But Have Never Taught is from The Huffington Post.

De Blasio puts education reform at top of his agenda as New York City mayor is from The Washington Post.

Working for Superman: Texas Schools Turn to Hero Superintendents: School districts often bring in hotshot superintendents to save the day. But is star power what schools really need? is an important article from The Texas Observer. It echoes a previous post here titled A Little Wisdom From Our Principal About Superintendents.

Union-Led Reform Project in California Shares Lessons is a new post by Anthony Cody on the QEIA program here in California. We’re a QEIA school, and I’ve previously posted about it.

The fetishization of international test scores is by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Getting Some Perspective On International Test Comparison Demagoguery.

John Thompson: Is Moving Strong Teachers to Struggling Schools a Viable Strategy? is by John Thompson.

California deserves praise not punishment for common sense school reforms is by Carl Cohn at Ed Source.

L.A. Unified schools to move forward with trimmed-down iPad plan is from the Los Angeles Times. I’m adding it to A Very Beginning List Of The Best Articles On The iPad Debacle In Los Angeles Schools.

Newspapers in Calif., Fla. Can Access Teachers’ Value-Added Data, Courts Rule is from Education Week. You might also be interested in The Best Posts About The LA Times Article On “Value-Added” Teacher Ratings and The Best Posts & Articles About The New York Court Decision Releasing Teacher Ratings.

Here are some new additions to The Best Posts Interpreting This Year’s NAEP Scores:

How Should We Read NAEP Test Score Results in Washington D.C.? is by John Thompson.

Be Wary of Ranking NAEP Gains is by Tom Loveless.